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DOB Licensed safety manager and coordinator

Implement DOB Chapter 33 with our DOB licensed Site Safety Manager/Coordinator  in NYC

Chapter 33 of the building code is dedicated to the safety of the public and property. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has an extensive framework to guarantee that construction and demolition projects ensure that the people and property involved in the process are duly taken care of and their security is guaranteed through adequate measures. The chapter has undergone necessary amendments and is frequently revised to encompass the developing technologies and trends in the construction and demolition industry, providing regulations to ensure safety in an ever-developing industry.

The construction process can be fairly extensive, requiring numerous people across a diverse hierarchy and lots of different elements and machinery in the process. Chapter 33 covers all of these elements. It dictates that the contractors, construction managers, and subcontractors involved in the construction process are required to instate and ensure that all safety measures as dictated by Section 3310 are upheld.

Similarly, a site safety manager or site safety coordinatormust be present on location to oversee a project’s construction or demolition bySection 3310. In case the public or property is affected by any of the actions of the contractor, they’re also required to provide equipment and construction as compensation. The contractor must also appoint a person to inspect the equipment and site to look for anything that would negatively affect the safety of the public and property. This individual needs to maintain a record of all such things while also removing any such hazardous, defective material that may negatively affect the property or the public.

Chapter 33 is quite extensive, covering many aspects of safety across the construction environment. Following these regulations is a legal obligation and non-compliance can lead to hefty penalties. Moreover, they’re also recommended to ensure public and property safety. These protocols can lead to better development while preventing various casualties and problems. With RC Safety Inc, you can have access to an experienced DOB Licensed Site Safety Manager in NYC, helping you ensure that DOB Chapter 33 is implemented. A Licensed Site Safety Coordinator is required to oversee safety on construction sites up to 14 stories in New York City. Work with our experienced resources today to make sure that safety protocols and regulations outlined by OSHA are followed to provide the best results.

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