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Site Safety Management

Construction and demolition sites can be dangerous environments. The New York City Department of Buildings has worked extensively to improve site safety by introducing various measures that construction and demolition sites must follow. These have proven successful because research shows that NYC construction incidents have declined for three consecutive years.


The DOB Chapter 33 details safeguards sites must follow during construction or demolition. Section 3301.1.1, titled “Responsibility for Safety,” states that those responsible for these sites, including owners, construction managers, general contractors, subcontractors, material men, and registered design professionals, must ensure the safety of those working on these construction or demolition sites.


RC Safety Inc strives to help construction and demolition sites in NYC adhere to the guidelines in DOB’s Chapter 33. We help sites ensure compliance with these regulations and maintain worksite safety by providing high-quality and cost-effective site safety management services.


Our goal is to make your site as safe and compliant as possible by providing the most qualified safety personnel at our disposal. They’ll ensure your site remains safe for workers and pedestrians by implementing the proper site safety management protocols. In addition, they’ll also help your worksite become more productive by eliminating delays caused by injuries, accidents, and enforcement.


We have a team of fully qualified safety managers and personnel that can help you ensure site safety on worksites. In addition, they’ll also meet any safety needs you might have. Our personnel includes certified NYC site safety managers, construction superintendents, and site safety coordinators. Our safety staff is qualified to oversee the construction and demolition of major buildings per the DOB’s guidelines.

According to Local Law No. 147 of the City of New York for the Year 2021 and Section 202 of Chapter of the New York City Building Code, a major building is an existing or proposed building with seven or more stories. Its height must exceed 125 feet and have a building footprint of over 100,000 square feet. An existing or proposed building can also be designated by the commission as a major building if there are unique hazards associated with its construction or demolition.  


Section 3301.3 of DOB Chapter 33 states that the designation and presence of a site safety manager or site safety coordinator are necessary for the construction and demolition of a major building. Construction superintendents are required for the construction and demolition of other buildings as identified in Section 3301.13.3 of Chapter 33.


As such, RC Safety Inc helps worksites ensure compliance with these regulations. Our site safety managers and coordinators can oversee the construction and demolition of major buildings in NYC, while our construction superintendents can oversee the construction and demolition of other buildings.

Site Safety Managers

Site Safety Coordinators

The New York City Department of Buildings requires the designation of a registered construction superintendent for the construction and demolition of major buildings under nine stories.


According to Section 3301.13.1, a construction superintendent is responsible for maintaining a safe job site. They must also ensure site safety compliance. They’re also responsible for fulfilling the duties of a construction superintendent according to Chapter 1 of Title 28 of the Administrative Code, and for visiting job sites daily when active work is ongoing.


A construction site’s permit holder is responsible for designating a primary construction superintendent to fulfill these responsibilities. They’re responsible for the construction of new major buildings, demolition of existing major buildings, altering existing buildings that require vertical or horizontal enlargement, demolishing or altering over 50 percent gross area of a major building, removing one or more floors over twelve months, and work that requires special inspection for underpinning.


If you’re looking for a site safety coordinator in NYC, RC Safety Inc can help you. We have certified and registered site safety coordinators to oversee the construction and demolition of major buildings under nine stories.

Site Safety Plans

According to Section 3301.7, site safety plans are important documents that you must keep at the worksite for the duration of the job. You may also have to make these site safety plans available to the commission upon request. The permit holder and the designer are also required to keep these construction documents. Site safety plans are necessary for construction sites that require the designation of a primary construction superintendent per Section 3301.13.3.


Worksite permit holders must also ensure that the site safety plan meets the requirements of Article 110 of Chapter 1 of Title 28 of the Administrative Code.


RC Safety Inc can help you create a site safety plan according to the DOB’s guidelines and Article 110 of Chapter 1 of Title 28 of the Administrative Code. We’ll ensure that your site safety plan meets all the requirements.

Covering All Your Site Safety Needs

Site safety managers have numerous responsibilities. They add value to your worksite because they have extensive knowledge about DOB and OSHA guidelines. As a result, site safety managers can help you maintain worksite safety. They are also responsible for providing on-site, job-specific safety information to workers to help reduce on-site injuries, fatalities, and medical costs.  


In addition, site safety managers also conduct pre-shift and weekly meetings to ensure everything is in order on your construction or demolition site.


Furthermore, they also perform regular audits to ensure your worksite meets the standards listed in DOB’s Chapter 33 and Article 402 of Chapter 4 of Title 28 of the Administrative Code.


If you’re looking for a site safety manager in NYC, consider reaching out to us. Our experienced and qualified site safety managers can oversee the construction and demolition of major buildings.

RC Safety Inc can cover all your site safety management needs according to the DOB’s Chapter 33 and the Administrative Code. Our expert personnel can help you maintain worksite safety and ensure compliance with the regulations. They’ll also add value to your worksite by preventing delays stemming from injuries, fatalities, and accidents.

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