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Site Safety Training 

Site Safety Planning and Site Safety Training in NYC With RC Safety Inc.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has laid out various documents to ensure that worker rights and safety are safeguarded throughout the various working environments across the country. These are intended to be used as references and guidelines for safe operations. The construction industry is no stranger to OSHA regulations. Considering the different materials and stakes involved in construction and demolition projects, one needs to assess numerous on-site safety concerns. Despite the prevalence of streamlined and comprehensive regulations, numerous near-fatal and fatal accidents occur regularly in the country. It’s a clear indicator that despite all progress, there’s still a need for better safety and security training measures.

While it’s generally recommended to have a safety coordinator to ensure most hazardous materials and equipment are removed from the location, the nature of some work revolves around a certain level of threat. In such cases, it’s necessary to have site safety planning in NYC to deal with all the issues that could take place. It’s common for workers to work across scaffoldings, which requires anywhere from 4-hour scaffolding refreshers to 32 hours of suspended scaffold supervisors. OSHA has its own construction training modules, which are covered in site safety training in NYC in over 10 to 30-hour programs.


Most construction workers are often exposed to or risk exposure to materials like Crystalline Silica, which require proper awareness and prevention training to ensure worker safety. Concrete safety is another major concern, which may include anything from 8-hour refreshers to 30-hour safety management sessions. There are other numerous site safety training packages for workers and site safety managers, as well as options for having a dedicated resource for managing site safety onboard.


At RC Safety Inc, we aim to make construction and demolition projects safer for the workers, as well as the public and the property in the vicinity around the area, with site safety plans in NYC. We offer the necessary training programs under OSHA guidelines and regulations to have the necessary measures for the job from a safety standpoint. If you’re planning to conduct safety training sessions for your next construction project, get in touch with us and choose from our variety of safety training programs. Take productivity and safety to the next level for your next venture with us!

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