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Designating a Site Safety Manager, Coordinator, Superintendent: A Guide

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

A construction worker on site

Site safety is extremely important on building and demolition sites. NYC Section 3310 of Chapter 33 of the Department of Buildings Code states that construction sites must have a designated site safety manager, coordinator, or superintendent present for the construction or demolition of a major building. The

DOB Chapter 33 also states that a superintendent must be present for the construction and demolition of other buildings in Section 3301.13.3.

Before proceeding further, it’s important to understand the difference between site safety managers, coordinators, and superintendents. In addition, distinguishing between major buildings and other buildings is also necessary.

According to the Local Laws of the City of New York 2021, major buildings are existing or proposed buildings that are either 75 feet or higher or have seven or more stories. Major buildings must also have a footprint larger than 100,000 square feet. However, the commissioner can designate some buildings as major buildings if unique hazards are associated with their construction or demolition.

Designating a Site Safety Manager or Coordinator

Section 3310.5 of DOB Chapter 33 states that designating a site safety manager is necessary to ensure safety compliance with the site safety plan, tenant occupation plan, and other site safety requirements outlined in the Chapter.

Section 3310.5.2 states that primary site safety managers or coordinators must always be present at the construction or demolition site when active work is ongoing. In addition, they’re responsible for overseeing every phase of construction or demolition work, starting from excavation and continuing until the building enclosure.

Site safety managers and coordinators must also meet with the designated representative of every subcontractor. They must ensure compliance with OSHA and DOB regulations per Section 3310.8.1 of DOB Chapter 33. Construction or demolition sites with fifteen stories or more need a certified construction site safety manager. On the other hand, construction or demolition sites between ten and fourteen stories require a certified construction site safety coordinator to oversee operations.

Designating a Primary Construction Superintendent

The New York Department of Buildings requires a registered construction superintendent to oversee sites with buildings below nine stories.

According to Section 3301.13.1, a construction superintendent is responsible for maintaining a safe job site. They must also ensure site safety compliance. They're also responsible for fulfilling the duties of a construction superintendent according to Chapter 1 of Title 28 of the Administrative Code. They’re also responsible for visiting job sites daily when active work is ongoing.

The permit holder of a construction or demolition site is responsible for designating a primary construction superintendent to fulfill these duties and responsibilities.

A designated construction superintendent is responsible for the following jobs:

  • Constructing a new building

  • Full demolition of an existing building

  • Altering an existing building that requires vertical or horizontal enlargement

  • Altering or demolishing more than 50 percent of the gross area of a building over a year

  • Removal of one or more floors over twelve months

  • Work that requires special inspection for underpinning

  • Work that requires special inspection for the protection of the sides of excavations

However, there are also some exceptions where construction superintendents aren’t required. These include work listed in Section 3310.1 and work involving the construction of a new one, two, or three-family building.

A construction site safety manager examining the worksite

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