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How to Make Your Construction Work/Safety Better in NYC

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Considering the number of reported accidents at work and the relation between workplace downtime and productivity, safety is a major concern. The construction industry in NYC is no stranger to the issue, and companies are emphasizing heavily improving standards through various means. The most common of them are the following:

Two construction workers.

Conduct Site Safety Training

The most fundamental aspect of making job sites safer for construction and demolition projects is to conduct the relevant site safety training programs. Section 3301.11.4 of DOB Chapter 33 emphasizes site safety training. The working environment consists of many threats that cannot be eliminated, which makes it necessary for the personnel on board to be thoroughly educated.

Programs can range from supported and suspended scaffolding training, OSHA construction training, and material hazard awareness like crystalline silica.

Awareness, education of threats, and remedies while compliance with regulations will have a major improvement in safety and working conditions.

Having A Site Safety Manager or Site Safety Coordinator

Section 3310 requires having a site safety manager or site safety coordinator on the job site for a project’s construction or demolition. If the public or property is affected by any of the actions of the contractor, necessary equipment and construction need to be provided by these authorities as well.

The contractor has to appoint an inspector for assuring the equipment is safe and if any unchecked elements could damage the public and property. They also take note of any hazardous, defective material on site.

A construction worker hooked to a harness.

Develop Site Safety Drawings

Site safety drawings focus on the various components of the building where there’s little to no fault tolerance. They’re focused on safety straps, elevator shafts, and fall protection among many other design and construction factors. Essentially, they’re great for preempting many potential problems and coming up with solutions on the fly for them.

Not only are they recommended from a security perspective, but they also provide a great way of improving overall project productivity.

Take your productivity to the next level by focusing on worksite safety in NYC; work with us at RC Safety Inc. We offer a wide range of services and personnel to help, such as DOB licensed site safety coordinator, professional site safety services, construction site safety services in NYC and more following DOB Chapter 33.

Get in touch with us today to ensure the necessary safety regulation and training is provided to your workers.

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