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Requirements for the Construction or Demolition of Major Buildings in NYC

A permit holder discussing the site safety plan with a site safety manager

The DOB’s Chapter 33 includes several guidelines to ensure worker and pedestrian safety on construction and demolition sites in NYC. These guidelines aim to curtail construction-related deaths and injuries. NYC has always been known for its massive construction projects. The city’s skyline continues to fill up with new skyscrapers and commercial buildings. Unfortunately, such construction is often accompanied by safety hazards, injuries, and fatalities.

Statistics show NYC had the most construction-related injuries and accidents nationwide. As a result, the DOB instituted several measures to reduce these issues.

What are Major Buildings?

Section 3302 of the NYC Building Code defines major buildings as existing or proposed buildings over ten stories or 125 feet high. These buildings must also have a footprint of over 100,000 square feet. However, it’s important to note that the commissioner can designate some buildings as major buildings if there are unique hazards associated with their construction or demolition.

Major buildings also require a site safety plan before work can be done. The lack of a site safety plan will make it difficult to obtain a permit, as listed in Section 3310.1. You must also ensure the site safety plan meets the requirements of Article 110 of Chapter 1 of Title 28 of the Administrative Code.

What are the Requirements for the Construction and Demolition of Major Buildings?

Section 3310.1 details the requirements for the construction and demolition of major buildings. It also applies to their alteration and vertical and horizontal enlargement.

In addition to a site safety plan, the construction and demolition of major buildings must also have a site safety monitoring program. The general contractor must enact and maintain this program to ensure the site safety plan’s implementation.

Section 3310.5 also details the necessity of designating a licensed DOB site safety manager or coordinator.

Site safety managers are required for major buildings over 15 stories. Meanwhile, permit holders will need site safety coordinators for major buildings between 10 and 14 stories. Buildings nine stories and under require a licensed DOB construction superintendent to ensure compliance with Chapter 33 regulations.

Site safety managers and coordinators have several responsibilities, including holding weekly meetings to ensure each subcontractor complies with the Chapter 33 provisions. They’re also responsible for ensuring no violations occur on the worksite. If violations occur, the site safety manager or coordinator must immediately notify the person responsible.

They’re also responsible for inspecting worksites while active work occurs to ensure compliance with the DOB’s guidelines. Moreover, site safety managers or coordinators must maintain a site safety log per Section 3310.8.4. This log must detail the dates and locations of inspections, names of people complying with the requirements of Section 3310.8.1, any unsafe acts and conditions on the worksite, and the dates of these violations.

What Are the Requirements for Construction Workers?

Section 3310.10 of DOB’s Chapter 33 also stipulates that workers employed at a major building site must receive the necessary training and orientation mentioned in Section 3321. Workers cannot work on a major building site until fulfilling the requirements.

Workers must complete either a 100-hour training program, including an apprenticeship program registered with the New York State Department of Labor or a 40-hour training program. The latter involves a 30-hour OSHA course, an eight-hour fall prevention program, and a two-hour drug and alcohol awareness program.

Get Started with RC Safety Inc

Major building worksites must meet all the requirements listed in DOB’s Chapter 33. Otherwise, obtaining a permit becomes challenging. If you’re looking for competitive and professional site safety services in NYC, RC Safety Inc can help. We’re a site safety consultancy, and we’ve worked on several high-profile commercial projects. Visit our website for more information. Alternatively, contact us to get started.

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