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Ways to Improve Your Construction Company's Safety Culture

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

With the increasing number of accidents at major building construction and demolition sites, it’s more important than ever that companies make significant changes to safety protocols. Here’s how construction companies can significantly make an impact and aim for a more controlled environment:

Post Warning Signs

According to Section 307.4.2 of DOB chapter 33 regarding dangerous areas, you’re required to put detailed warning signs where there’s a danger to the public. These include blasting areas, hoisting areas, vehicle entrances and exits, explosives, and flammable material. All of these need to be marked with descriptive warnings to make the reader aware of the issue.

A site safety sign

Section 3307.4 also mentions that you should have necessary barriers to block the public from various construction and demolition hazards.


Sections 3310.10 and 3321 dictate that all construction workers must receive orientation and training when working on a major building project. Construction workers need to have the necessary site safety training in NYC required for their particular task. Employees working with hazardous materials and on construction scaffolding must go through the required site safety training programs relevant to their operations to perform these tasks.

Only the personnel with the right qualifications and certifications should be allowed to handle these tasks. They should also be given a briefing on safety measures during the pre-shift meeting.

Construction workers having communication

Employing Site Safety Managers and Coordinators

Site safety managers and coordinators are required for major building construction and demolition projects. They play an integral role in maintaining a safety standard in these working environments. A site safety manager/coordinator has direct involvement in various operations onsite to ensure that all safety precautions are taken care of.

They will interact with other resources, maintaining a detailed logbook regarding inspections and repairs. They also perform detailed inspections, noting down all the relevant details onsite in their site safety log.

If your construction company wants to become more conscious of its approach to worksite safety in NYC, RC Safety Inc. can assist you in the matter. We provide professional site safety services, construction site safety services, and DOB-licensed site safety coordinator in NYC, following DOB Chapter 33 and OSHA regulations.

Whether it’s major building construction or demolition project, our experts offer the necessary training and expertise for the job to improve workplace safety. Call (718) 669-5454 for your project.

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