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Why Standardized Site Safety Training is Crucial

The construction industry is well-known for being a dangerous place for workers. Research shows that construction deaths accounted for approximately 24 percent of all worker deaths in NYC. Another report corroborates these findings, stating that the construction industry accounts for approximately one in four workplace deaths in NYC.

Everyone in the construction industry understands that worksite safety is crucial because job sites are dangerous places, especially for workers. The DOB has instituted several measures to reduce construction-related deaths and injuries. These measures can be found in DOB’s Chapter 33.

What is Site Safety Training?

Section 3321.1 states the importance of site safety training for workers on construction sites. Section 3321 was added to the DOB’s Chapter 33 by Local Law 196 of 2017, which was created in response to the rising number of construction-related deaths and injuries in NYC.

The section states that site safety training is essential for workers on construction sites with designated construction superintendents, site safety managers, or site safety coordinators.

It also details that permit holders must ensure each construction or demolition employed must have completed a ten-hour or thirty-hour OSHA training program. Alternatively, they can also opt for the 100-hour training program.

In addition, the section also states that each worker must have an SST, limited SST, or temporary SST card. Similarly, supervisors, like DOB-licensed construction superintendents, site safety coordinators, and site safety managers, must also have an SST supervisor card as required by Section 3301.13.12.

Why is Standardized Site Safety Training Crucial?

Standardized site safety training is crucial because it helps ensure compliance with the DOB and OSHA’s regulations. Permit holders that fail to comply with these regulations can face hefty penalties or site closures. In addition, Chapter 33 also notes that construction workers must receive on-site training because it helps them learn about specific on-site dangers. More importantly, standardized site safety training reduces the dangers and enhances worksite safety.

What Duties Must Permit Holders Fulfill?

Section 3321.2 details that permit holders are responsible for ensuring that each construction or demolition worker on worksites complies with the requirements of 3321.1. In addition, they must also certify to the department that the requirements of Section 3321 have been met.

A construction worker working on a scaffolding

Ensure DOB and OSHA Compliance by Getting Site Safety Training Services from RC Safety Inc

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